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Getting to Know You: Games for Starting School

Fruit and Vegetable Pairs

  1. Cut an assortment of fruits and vegetables in half, or cut pictures from the Oklahoma Fruits and Oklahoma Vegetables pattern pages in half.
  2. Each player is given half the fruit or vegetable or picture.
  3. On signal, all scurry about to find their partners.

Guess My Name

  1. Cut out pictures of fruits or vegetables from the Oklahoma Fruits and Oklahoma Vegetables pattern pages.
  2. Without letting the players see the pictures, pin one to each player's back.
  3. The players circulate and ask each other questions to try to identify the fruits or vegetables pinned to their own backs.
  4. Any question may be asked except the direct one, “What am I?”
  5. The first player to guess his or her fruit or vegetable is the winner, but the game continues until all or most of the players have guessed what they are.

Have You Seen My Sheep?

  1. Players stand in a circle, with one, the shepherd, standing outside the circle.
  2. The shepherd walks around the outside of the ring, stops anywhere, and taps a player on the shoulder.
  3. The shepherd asks, "Have you seen my sheep?"
  4. The shepherd describes the clothing of another player, and when the player being questioned recognizes the player described, he or she answers: "Your missing sheep is Johnny [or Jane or Mary]."
  5. On being indentified, the sheep bolts from the circle and races around the outside, pursued by the player who made the identification.
  6. If the sheep can get back in place before being tagged, he or she becomes the shepherd for the next round. If he or she is tagged, the pursuer is the new shepherd.

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Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom


Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom is a program of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and the Oklahoma State Department of Education.